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Executive Board of EC2 nominated

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On January 11, 2019, the Executive Board of EC2 has been nominated. The nomination took place after the election of the new UniSysCat Executive Board during the first General Assembly of the Cluster which took place on this day.

The Chair of EC2 is Peter Hildebrandt (TU), who was chair of the temporary Board of EC2 until now.
The new Vice Chair is Maria-Andrea Mroginski (TU).
Further members of the Board are Holger Dau (FU), Stefan Hecht HU), Janina Kneipp (HU), Adam Lange (FMP), Oliver Lenz (TU), Kallol Ray (HU), Johannes Teichert (TU) und Reinhard Schom├Ącker (TU). More details about the single members here.

The first meeting of the Executive Board will take place on January 31 when the new project proposals (to which PhD candidates can apply for) will be selected.