Research interests

  • Metalorganic chemistry
  • precursor synthesis
  • molecular models for heterogeneous catalysis
  • molecular main group
  • organometallic chemistry

Selected research projects

  • Novel coorperating ligands for the heterolytic bond activation
  • Transition-metal silylene complexes
  • From activating small molecules to hetero bimetallic transition-metal complexes
  • Synthesis and characterisation of transition-metal silyline complexes
  • New single source precursors for the metal-doping stannic oxide as an alternative to ITO

Publications & Patents

Relevant News

Election of a temporary Executive Board

created by Martin Penno / Sabina Mollenhauer |

The temporary Board of the Einstein Centre for Catalysis was constituted during a meeting of the extended UniCat Executive Board on April 26, 2016.

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